• Carol Keesey

How to Spring Clean - Kitchen Edition

Coming home to a place that feels fresh, tidy, and smells good is one of the reasons why you should adhere to Spring Cleaning. In some cultures, this 'once year deep cleaning' is done at the end of the year, but here in March and April as we start leaving the cold weather behind and prepare for summer, it's the perfect time to refresh the house.

Decluttering and deep cleaning is one way to set reset and start the new season with clear intentions.

Deep cleaning the whole house can be stressful to tackle at once, so my recommendation is to clean room by room, from top to bottom (yes, ceiling to floor). In this post, I will give you a checklist so you can start tackling your kitchen right away! Check back for next posts for checklists to the other rooms - bedroom, bathroom, office, garage...

Hope this guide helps you get a good start! Let's get cleaning!


About the author: Carol is a journalist, currently earning a Master’s Education in Positive Psychology. She has a passion for all things organization and has been working as a professional organizer for the past 6 years, helping families and individuals live a more purposeful and productive life.

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