• Carol Keesey

It's time to Spring Clean your bathroom

Yes, you read that right...it's time to Spring Clean your bathroom. And you know there's a lot to do here. Being a place that holds categories from linen to makeup, bathrooms can be a challenging space to tidy. But with our simple step-by-step checklist, you just need to get your cloth and cleaning spray and dive in.

In case you missed our previous post with a checklist to clean your kitchen, click here, and if you want to tackle your bedroom, click here.

Hope this guide helps you get a good start! Let's get cleaning!


About the author: Carol is a journalist, currently earning a Master’s Education in Positive Psychology. She has a passion for all things organization and has been working as a professional organizer for the past 6 years, helping families and individuals live a more purposeful and productive life.

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