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What do you really need to have an organized home?

Updated: Mar 22

Many people think achieving home organization is impossible. They believe it's something only other people can do because they have more time, money, fewer kids, and a bigger house with more space.

The pictures we see online of giant, beautifully organized walk-in pantries and closets prevent us from thinking otherwise.

The truth is, having an organized home is possible even if you don’t have any money, time, or special skills. What you do need to have an organized home is commitment. You need to commit yourself to create the life that you want.

Don't have money? Getting organized helps you find ways to save. Don't have time? Getting organized helps you spend time on things that matter, like your family, health, and career.

Scientists from the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute have used fMRI and other approaches to show that our brains are happiest when things are in order. They proved constant visual reminders of clutter drain our cognitive resources and reduce our ability to focus. This gives us the perception that we are always busy, tired, and have no free time for things that make us happy.

That's why it is so hard to relax and unwind when you get home. When everything is out of place, your brain is processing loads of visual clutter. This exhausts you and prevents you from focusing on the tasks you want and need to get done.

You can free yourself from the excuses that once occupied your mind by deciding that having an organized home is what you want and deserve. This change in mindset is the real secret to success. Home organization is the starting point for a better way of living... and there's no better time to start than right now.


About the author: Carol is a journalist with an MBA in Positive Psychology. She has a passion for all things organization. She has been working as a professional organizer for the past six years, helping families and individuals live a more purposeful and productive life.

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